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2020 Hindsight

  I felt i needed to get these thoughts out, but don't really know I want them exposed to ALL OF FB!!! And if i put them on my blog, they will not get much readership. I will email to some. Otherwise... I feel i can rather safely aver that even sans pandemic, 2020 has been the most challenging, disparaging, and difficult year of my life. The medical conditions, financial hemorrhaging, losses... There have been good moments, but they have been more like the rare skyrocket on a black night than sun coming through clouds. I've been 'chronically depressed' for as long as i can remember. (I don't know that i was ever 'analyzed' to be 'clinically depressed.) Although i have never considered taking any action, other than the occasional slamming my head against the wall, i have never before just 'wished it were over' so much. I've been in some sort of therapy or group for many years. This has been the first time i, at recommendation of

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