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Where do I get off with 'Kaptain'?

 Why Kaptain I chose ‘Kaptain’ for specific reasons. As far as military rank, I generally (no pun intended) don’t follow orders well enough to be a ‘corporal’. Besides, Corporal Cat is awkward. I certainly don’t bark orders well enough to be a colonel, and I am not a commander of anything! Captain seemed the most obvious choice. The highest ‘silver’ of the ‘brass’. The one that actually gets the work done. Teams, clubs, and groups, ELECT a captain from within their own ranks to be a representative, spokesman, and leader. Not to boss them around, but to BE THERE for them when they need it. Someone they can count on. Captains 'answer to' their 'superiors' and 'subordinates' as well. A salutation, much like the antebellum 'Colonel ( ) but without the financing part. It was put to vote, and that’s what the clowder decided on it. (=^..^=) 

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