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Kinda in snit! I left my cage unlocked - STUPID! STUPID! STPID! - trusting my neighbor, and this morning my lighter is missing. Last time he asked to borrow it it i told him it was the only one i had! And i EXPECT it there with my 'meds' so i can do what i need!!!!! FUCK!FUCK!FUCK! DUMB!DUMB!DUMB! Backup light worked four times then quit. Second b/u has BARELY a big enough flame at full throttle. Either not made or carried anymore, after looking at 200+ lighters from where it came from! ------------------------------------------ All the bone doctor talked about were the hernias and a 9cm UFO*. But i am going to guess that the chrondromalacia** MAY have something to do with it, although he didn't mention it AT ALL!!!!! He talked about a bone scan. The walk from their lobby to an exam room is longer than i can handle without a rest stop! And i see NOTHING AHEAD as far as relief! I FUCKING DON'T KNOW AND DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!!  MY QUESTIONS GO UNANSWERED! JUST ALLOW ME

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